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A Cute Little Bed & Breakfast Led To A Lot More

Judy, my wife returned from a business trip that was too close for a plane flight, so she drove the car. When she got back home, she was excited and told me about a little cute Bed & Breakfast she saw where she was. She wanted to go back some time to stay a while. As she talked about her trip, she always came back to this little cute Bed & Breakfast. BFD, I thought. Judy talked about going back over the next month or so.
Ted can we go to that B&B soon, she asked. I had made reservations for a ten day stay. I had recently bought another classic hearse in that area, so I took some vacation time to get it and please Judy also. I hitched my car trailer to my truck, loaded it and off we left to see this cute Bed & Breakfast she talked about so long.
On the way I kept thinking about this hearse, 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood Burial Coach I bought and I couldn't wait to home and begin restoring it. Judy talked about the B&B all the way there. (Boring) I only agreed take her, only because she doesn't say anything about my hearse cars I buy to restore. She's pretty cool about that.
I drove 6 hours listening to her gab about (This Cute Little B&B) am into sports a of all kinds, tools and cars. We arrived around 13:30 I went to check-in the MOD, told us that our room wouldn't be ready til 15:00. Now what I asked Judy. She said, we could walk in street shops and window shop. (Oh boy I Just Love To Do That ) She looked at antique shops, clothing stores. Wow this is fun I thought to myself. I can have more fun watching paint dry.
Hey Judy, You go on ahead. I seen ah car shop. I'll catch up in ah few, I walked about 2 blocks and seen a sex shop. Hummm. I thought. I went in and the clerk asked me if she could help me find something. No, no I'm just looking I said. Does this stuff really sell? I asked her. Yes, our product line sales are on top from any other store in the company. We have anything you would want. My name is Betsy and you are? I'm Ted, I said. she said, let me know if you need help Ted.
I continued window shopping as Judy calls it. I kept looking over at Betsy to see if she was watching me. She is a good looking blue eyed brunette. 5' 4" long shoulder length hair that flipped up at the tips. A thin waist and nice firm tits. And yes, she was watching me. I picked up this battery dildo. Betsy, What is this bulge for? I asked. She came around the counter and said, This? She pointed to the tip. This is a G-Spot stimulator. I can show you how it works I thought WoW is she really going to demonstrate it for me.
She said, follow me. Betsy took me to the back room where there was a cut-a-way model of a female. She inserted it in the dummy's vagina. Look this is where the g-spot is located. She moved the dildo across the rough patch of flesh to show me how it works. I was kinda embarrassing for me, but Betsy was enjoying it.
This is how to stimulate her g-spot. Betsy's eyes was focused on her demonstrating her dildo. I noticed that she was rubbing her pussy on the corner of the counter. I thought, she's really getting off on this on this demonstration. Betsy turned it on, The humming of the little motor in her hand was a turn-on for her. Her eyes closed as she continued to masturbate the dummy and rocked against the counter.
She took that rubber dick and began to pass it between her legs. The humming was louder. I watched as she placed it up her skirt. She licked her lips and looked at me. I asked Betsy if she could demonstrate it for me on herself. She said, Yes I can, but only if after we can fuck. She raised her skirt about her waist. No Panties, I said. No, no they get in the way so I don't wear any. This happens all the time.
Now I am an American male. Who in their correct mind would turn that down? Betsy slid her dildo in her smooth wetness and turn it on. The humming continued as she started to thrust it in deep. On the way out she was rubbing against her g-spot wit the tip. She said, Here is where I want your cock! I want you to ride me right here. She pointed to her pussy. Her speed increased, causing depth to increase. Betsy was getting close to her sexual high as she moved the dildo tip so it would ride hard against her g-spot. I want you to make me do this, she screamed. Her orgasm hit and it hit hard. She squirted her female cum like a gusher.
She was screaming louder, Oh God that feels so fuckin good!. Now Ted put that cock in there, she spread her legs wide. She reached between her legs to guide my cock in her from behind. Her wetness was easy for me to slid in. She began buckin against my dick in an effort to cum again. Hey, Hey girl slow down. You're going to bust something. I replied.
I started in very slow and soft. Betsy wouldn't it that way. She was backing up on my cock. Oh Yeah, Ted! Fuck me harder, FUCK ME! MAKE ME SQUIRT MY JUICES. Yeah Just Like That!. She went into ah Fuck mode like none I'd ever seen. She screaming, tossing her hear side to side and backing up on my dick to get all of it in her pussy.
Her mouth opened wide, We have to cum together. I began feeling my balls erupt, she said. Pull my fuckin hair I reached up and grabbed a fist full of the dark flowing hair and yanked it hard. That triggered her to cum violently as we got our nuts off together. O faithful erupted again. The pressure of the orgasm shot my cock out, followed by more of her lady cum. Oh Yeah Ted, I needed that, thanks. She lowered her skirt and went back to work. I walked out amazed at what had just happened.
I walked around about an hour until Judy found me. Have fun? Did you find what you were looking for she asked. Oh yeah I sure did. I said. It was about time to check-in. We walked back to the B&B. While we walked back Judy told about all the little shops she found. Oh yeah? Really? Sound Nice, I replied. Walking a little further and there It was, Judy's Bed & Breakfast. At 16:30 we checked in, we went up to our room. I showered while Judy walked around the room looking at all the stuff on the walls There is even a hot tub in the bathroom. Ted this is so nice, isn't it? Yeah it sure is. As I told Judy I was going to take ah nap before dinner. No, no Ted this is great, you can sleep later. Let's go see the rest of the B&B.
Judy I have to call about the hearse. You go ahead. I called Fred about his car and made an appointment for the next day to get it. I laid down and minutes later I had dozed off. I must have slept about an hour. When I awoke Judy was in the shower, getting ready for dinner in the quaint little B&B dinning room. I dressed casual. A sports shirt & jacket. Judy put on a new dress that she bought that morning. It was pretty low cut at the neck line, showing about 6h of cleavage, tight around her round butt and flared out to the dress tail. Judy looked more like she did where we first met. Judy You Look Fantastic. I praised her for getting all dolled up for me.
Walking into the dinning room, whom did I meet? Yep Betsy! Hi there Ted, she said. Judy just glared at me. She gave me ah rib shot with her elbow. Do you know her, she asked. Where from a lot of questions came from her. The head waiter told us to be seated near one end. Damn Baby, I spoke to my wife. This is pretty neat Huh? Everything all clean and neat, Iam glad you had this idea. Just anything to get her mind off of this brunette.
The table was set with china, crystal glasses, cloth doilies. It really did look pretty nice, We had eaten an exquisite meal. After dinner the head chef was on stage. He said. The staff (Name left out) Bed & Breakfast, wish each and everyone of you a happy time while you're here. It is my honor to introduce the owner and the general manager of the (Name left out) Bed & Breakfast is Ms. Betsy Collins, I almost choked on the wine. (Holy Crap) Judy elbowed me again. Where did you say you met her. How do you know her? It was the same series of questions all over again. The gm said, A special thanks to one my guests. You really helped me when I needed it. Ted, Thank you! I just about shit! and Judy was getting pissed. What the hell did you do for her, she asked. Just then Betsy said, Ted, he helped me change a flat tire this afternoon. (Whewww). Judy apologized & kissed me. Thanks for helping her. she said. Betsy continued, If any of you have questions or problems please come to me. Ifll fix it. I want your visit with us here at the (Name left out) Bed & Breakfast to be most enjoyable. Shortly Betsy joined us at our table.
Happy to see you again Ted & this must be your wife? Yes I'm Judy. I was in town months ago. I noticed your B&B, this is so nice. Well thank you Judy, would you pass the word about our Bed & Breakfast to your friends? We strive on customer satisfaction here. During your stay If any of you have questions or problems please come to me. Ted I am the one that needs to thank you for your help this afternoon.
Since this is your first stay with us, let me explain our little (Name left out) Bed & Breakfast. This is not your typical B&B. Judy noticed the dinning room was pretty empty. The guests were gone, just the staff was cleaning up. Betsy continued telling us about her B&B. Here at the (Name left out) We have no rules, you can come & go as you wish and do anything you want.
My late husband always wanted to open a B&B before his car crash that killed him. I took every penny we had and suck into this B&B in my husbands late name. Judy asked why this B&B was so different. Betsy said, Well My late husband & I were active members of a nudist camp. We both love fine dinning & exotic foods. We thought why can't we put the two together. Our the (Name left out) Bed & Breakfast is a. Well maybe it's better to show you. She said, follow me, Betsy took Judy & I by the hand and opened a door, leading to a hallway. She opened another door. There was a huge Olympic size swimming pool. All of our prior diner patrons were swimming & laying around in there naked buff.
I thought to myself, WoW This is way too cool. I changed my mind of B&B's. Betsy walked us in the pool area discarding her clothes. She too was naked & there was her bare skinned pussy that Ifd fucked a few hours earlier. Betsy kissed Judy on the cheek, she leaned over to me & kissed my cheek saying, thanks for changing my tire. & she winked at me. I say Nothing. Thanks Betsy, but why are you working in that sex shop? I asked.
That is also my shop. The B&B is my late husbands. I run it in his name. Oh I see I told her. Youfre just over sexed and deprived? Yeah you could say that. She reached down and squeezed my dick a little.
Betsy led us in while she was discarding her clothing. I looked at Judy, Let's go in baby, I walked in and disrobed, Judy followed me but she didn't remove anything. She instantly got loud boo's from the guests. I acted like one of them. Judy slowly removed her dress and bra, crossing her arms cupping her nipples.
This couple about our age, 35ish. introduced himself as John & Carol. John shook my hand and kissed Judy on the mouth, she drew back a little. He took her arms away from her breasts, Let's see what you're hiding in there. We want you to be feel com comfortable. The only way is too open up. Judy you look great. She felt better while she walked around the pool meeting the other nudist. Suddenly the lights dimmed, leaving on the lights in the pool. Soft music playing from the surround sound system. The staff moved in a wet bar, serving beer, wine and mixed drinks. So many nude people ordered drinks and sat in little groups. My dick was at half staff, just looking at all these naked women.
This fat woman that looked like a circus bear on a bicycle, The cellulous dimples (Fat Dimples) covered her butt cheeks from her waist to mid-thigh. The dimples were so deep you couldnft cover them with your thumb.
She flipped my dick so hard with her finger & said, You ain't gonna need that thing. It was like letting air outta an over filled balloon. This woman Carol behind her started laughing as I lost my manhood. Carol did ah reach-around and softly rubbed my dick bringing him back to life. He was standing proud. Judy had gotten over her shyness, she took Carol's husband's cock in her hand and slowly stroking it. Carol said, Ted, we welcome you to our little group, your pretty wife over there has my husband's dick in her grasp is my husband John. I'm happy to know you, or should I say it's nice to feel you.
John took Judy by the hand and led her to the edge of the pool. He jumped in pulling her with him. He had pinned her against the wall. John had lifted Judy up fast and slowly back down. I could tell by the look on her face that she had just been penetrated. I watched them for a second, Carol said, Let's not worry about them, we can have fun too. Carol dropped to her knees taking my cock down her throat.
I sighed, Oh Damn, while she jerked me off and sucking the head of my dick. I looked around to see where Judy was. John had her in the deep end & she was bouncing high out of the water and sinking slowly back down. The expression her face told me that she was about to cum. I didn't know what to think about another man making her have an orgasm so hard. She looked very contented and satisfied. I guess it was fine, because I had his wife deep throating me.
Betsy smiled at me, touching my cock as she walked by. She jumped in the pool next to Judy & John, I seen Judy's breasts were floating and Betsy took her nipple in her mouth licking them from one to the other teething her nipples lightly, bringing Judy close to another climax. Betsy could tell when too back off to slow her orgasm. Judy kept tell them to let her climax. Betsy and John were bringing her to the peak and slowly letting her calm down. I watched them treating her so sensual and erotic I felt pressure in my balls. I was about to bust ah nut.
Carol asked me if I'd do her butt. I am an American Male, Who could pass up on ah ass fuck? Yell Yeah I Will. Carol stooped over, grabbing the hand rail to the diving board. Here Baby, Take My Ass, she demanded. I slid my cock in her pussy from behind for some lube & one push, Whoopee, she yelled. As my cock invaded her brown eye. I pumped slowly bit by bit. She trusted back hard enough to penetrate her ass deep. Her hole was tight, but not as tight as it should have been, someone had been there before me. I heard ah big Uugghh!
Carol began thrusting back against me forcing me cock to go deeper. My balls slapping her butt cheeks as she moaned loudly. Oh My God Sweetie That Feels So Good, Fuck My Bootie. Fuck with me Carol, I'm gonna cum. I pounded her back side with every inch I had. Carol went into a fuck me zone that I'd never experienced. Her breathing stopped, her mouth was open and her ass was still fucking me cock. Her hard thrusting against my balls made my dick explode. The first volley of cum hit her insides causing a back flush. I continued filling her butt, she was screaming, Oh Yeah Ted. Fuck Me! FUCK ME FASTER, HARDER FUCK MY ASS. Carol's orgasm was so intense she almost passed out.
Shortly after we recovered, Both Carol & I jumped in the pool. Swimming around I noticed Judy. My pretty bride was laid out on the edge of the pool. Her feet were high in the air and all doubled up. John was pounding her hard while she was yelling, I, I, I, I'm CUMMING! I'm CUMMING. I Gotta go pee. John has caused her to squirt in gushes. Betsy will have to drain and clean the pool, because that is where Judy's female cum landed.
Looking around the fat woman was on the diving board with someone. She was yelling, Cum inside my cunt. He was pounding so hard they both fell off into the water. Everyone laughed, including me. They rose from the depths, his dick was now flaccid, her partner never did get his nuts off.
We were about done for the night. We made our way to our room, showered. I started getting frisky & Judy said her pussy was too sore to play anymore. We went to bed to sleep.
The phone rang about 3am. Hell-O It was Betsy. She said, Ted I have something to show you & Judy. Come down to my room just passed the pool. I'll be waiting.
We walked down to her room, Knock, knock. Come on in her voice replied. Judy & I walked in. there was a huge round bed covered in red stain sheets. Large fluffy pillows ornamented it. Betsy, what did you want to show us, Judy asked. She walked over to a large flat screen tv she inserted a dvd. As the video started, it was a homemade video of a 3some, one of which was Betsy. She said, this was filmed a couple years ago. That is Don, my late husband there.
As we watched the vid, Betsy was doing a commentary on the dvd. Telling us about her late husband. In the video Don had just turned around with his dick in his hand. God Damn, He's hung like a stud horse. It looks like it's 9, 10" long Judy said. Good judge, Betsy said. He was 91/2" x 51/2" around. I loved him & his cock. He could reached places no man has reached since. I said, That's BS! The US Constitution says, all men are created equal. We all laughed. I kinda of coved up my woody as I watched & Betsy said, It's ok, Ted. Your dick will fit nicely in my woman-ness. She moved my hands away hand sucked my 1 /2 woody down her neck.
She bobbed on me taking me deep in her throat. I could feel myself grow with-her jaws. It didn't take long before I busted my nuts again. I blew the biggest wad in Betsy's pussy. She gagged on a little cum, but managed to swallow most of it. She sucked me deep one more time. She got up, moved up and sat on my cock.
Judy was lightly rubbing herself as she watched the tv. Judy come over here and sit on my face, I'll give you ah mustache ride. Judy didn't hesitate to cover my mouth with her smooth wet pussy. With me in Betsy's butt and Judy riding my tongue. Betsy & Judy were fondling each other's tittles while deeply kissing. If Judy wasn't bi you sure couldn't tell it. Betsy was grinding her pussy deep on my dick, Just was forcing herself down on my tongue as I sucked her clit to orgasm.
Judy yelled, Ted eat my pussy, make me cum. Betsy was thrusting down hard against my dick as stream after stream filled her pussy. All three hit our climaxes together. The words, Oh Yeah, Fuck my cunt, Fuck me faster, Fill my pussy. Grunt, groans and screaming filled the room. Falling in a heap of sex, naked bodies cum and sweat. We were exhausted. Dozing off to sleep for the rest of the night.
Our ten day stay was spent with Betsy, her other guests, except the fat lady. We plan to return sometime soon. I did pick up the hearse.

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